Journal: Life Update


I’m currently sitting in the kitchen watching (husband) Zeke make salsa and enjoying my kitties – I think five of the seven have visited so far. Right now, Tabbye is pulling magnets off of the fridge and Charllye is making sure she does it correctly.

Pulling magnets off the fridge? NAW. We’re just sitting here, Mom!

This feels like the first breath I’ve been able to take in a month. A very sudden project at work, which includes an extremely dramatic team of people and a ridiculously constrained timeline, plus a wedding in Florida for which I was the maid of honor, plus all of my normal stressors, have left me exhausted at the end of every day. It’s been a struggle even to maintain my current relationships.

Me and the bride.

Through it all, thankfully, Robbye continued to impress and improve. I still plan on writing a more detailed journal about her – but really it’s been more of the same. Focus, roundness, and obedience. Every day!

The candy cane is almost gone!

I finished book one of Wheel of Time. It’s so cute reading about baby Rand, knowing what he’ll become by the end. I’m definitely enjoying the series more this go around – I gave up at book 10 or so seven years ago. But that was also before the series was over – and before Jordan passed away.

I’ve been using a few minutes a day every day to obsess about pet collecting and leveling in WoW. Which is funny, since I have a collection of pets at home, too. But I don’t battle the cats. Or level them up. Unfortunately.

Mom I’m going to need you to pet me, or I’ll use my Scratch attack.
I suppose I could use my Headbutt attack instead.

Tomorrow Zeke and I are going to our favorite Friendly Local Game Store, Epic Loot, to celebrate International Table Top Day. As introverted and exhausted as I am, I’m actually really excited to do some gaming and shopping. The only issue is – what to wear? I want to be cute and stylish for the party, but too cute and I’m not respected as a fellow nerd. It’s a delicate balance, as a female gamer.


(Has anyone else been following the drama around the Hugo Awards this year? Man, is there controversy. I really enjoyed reading GRRM’s blog series about it, though. And, to be honest, reading about the drama has been a fun way to get my mind off of work – though how some people can be so racist, homophobic, and misogynistic I just cannot understand.)

wpid-20150407_172416.jpg wpid-20150407_172422.jpg

Equine Affaire in Columbus is this weekend but the club decided not to go. We’re definitely going to Breyerfest, and that’s more fun for us. I’m relieved to have a day off on Sunday!

What’s everyone else been up to outside of horses? Anyone else reading or playing anything cool?

Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “Journal: Life Update

  1. We went to board games today and played Argent: The Consortium. Really complicated and intense, but very interesting. I don’t try to dress up for much of anything let alone board games, but I never get discredited at board game events. I got a lot of crap in WoW. Especially when I was playing at the high levels (I was in a top 10 in the US guild at one point). People were always shocked the first time I spoke on vent that I was a girl. The board gamer community seem much more inclusive. Or at least, the ones I’ve met are.


    1. Just read about Argent: The Consortium on BGG – it looks really neat! I think hidden win conditions are really fun and special.

      That’s really unfortunate about the WoW thing. I think I’ve been lucky in that the only time I was a “serious” raider I was a raid leader, so I had some power and people assumed I knew what I was doing!

      That’s SO neat that you were such a skilled player! What class did you play? How much did you raid? I’m always amazed by the number of hours high level players put in.


  2. Yay for things slowing down a little 🙂 And extra yay for re-starting WoT!! I’m on my own re-read and on book 6 now. I know it’ll slow down round book 8, but I always forget how much I like books 4-6. And then again 10ish-14.


    1. Do you always read all the way through even the middle slog? Some people on reddit were recommending skipping a few of the middle ones, and the 10th one in particular.

      I really want to finish this series – I don’t want to get stuck!


      1. I’m the kind of person that has to finish a book no matter how much I hate it, so I always end up trudging through the middle ones. I also do like the excruciating detail, so it doesn’t bother me thaaaat much when he spends 800 pages on a single day from 12 different perspectives (ok, it bothers me). As long as you definitely read 11, then you should be fine skipping a bunch- 11 is the last one that Jordan actually wrote and it’s one of my favorites!


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