Robbye turned six last month.

I know if I were more experienced, or if I were willing to send her away for training, we’d be a lot further along than we are now. But we’ve stumbled along together, we’ve done a lot of fun things, and I think that, slowly, we’re making progress on the path to success.

What that success will look like, I don’t really know. Dressage? Eventing? Staying at home and continuing to improve without a chosen sport? Whatever!

None of these are good conformation photos, so really no observations to make there. What really strikes me is how she’s a different color in every. single. one. (Yet in the last two photos, taken a year apart, I’m wearing the same outfit. Lol.)

Robbye at 2
Robbye at 3 (the day I met her)
Robbye at 3 (the day she was backed)
Robbye at 4
Robbye at 5
Robbye at 6

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