Journal: We Don’t Need No Arena


Robbye’s been getting more and more ring sour. I really don’t blame her – we’ve been drilling dressage and not much else for months now, and I’ve been too much of a wuss to leave the arena. Well more and more we’ve been moving those dressage rides out of the sandbox!

At the very end of May, we had a great ride in one of our fields. I downloaded a Tabata app, put on an audiobook and snapped her rope reins to her halter, and off we went to do some trot and canter sets. I was really pleased with how she did at the sets – moved out even as she got tired – and it really was a superb workout.


Unfortunately, we ended up having a little too much fun. We were on our final set and both wanted to gallop up the final hill. I said, “Go ahead!”, and she said “Woo hoo!” with a couple little bucks, and I said *thump* as my sweaty basketball shorts slipped right off of her and landed on the hard, dry ground. Ugh.

You know, sometimes falls are nothing. Land on your feet or your butt, pop right up, sand and dirt are soft! And others hurt. It seems to me like it’s one or the other, with nothing in between.


Unfortunately, this was a hurt fall. I actually didn’t get back onto my feet for fifteen seconds or so, which is unusual for me. I also whacked my helmet pretty good, and since I wasn’t riding with any tack I really didn’t want to get back on and risk falling onto a broken helmet! So I took a few days off while a new helmet was shipped to me. It worked out well, since I was so sore.

(Unfortunately, the day after my fall was our annual Mud Run. I LOVE this event but it’s not fun with a sore back, shoulder, and thigh!)

Me and Zeke with two of my brothers and their SOs. Cutest prom photo EVER.

When my new helmet arrived I was raring to ride again – a good feeling! A fall with no lingering fear will probably help my confidence considerably.

Two days in a row, we had stupendous dressage rides in the fields. Julie did some driving dressage work with Yogi while I rode, and Robbye was 100% focused on me even as the cart clattered around.

What a picture. So romantic!

Sunday was our hunter pace, then Tuesday I had an uneventful lesson where we worked on getting a consistent roundness and correct bend. Kim had a ton of nice things to say about our progress, though it’s gotten to the point now where it’s hard to see the day-to-day changes.

Wednesday I longed, and Robbye was amazing. Nailing transitions, moving out, acting like a pro. I think she likes longeing.


Friday we jumped in the outdoor at “show height” because… Saturday we went to a hunter show! I’m very excited to tell you all how that went 🙂

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