Test Review Lesson

We had another lesson today. We got to go over our BN test, which was nice. It was a stressful lesson, though. Everything is harder in the indoor, and everything is more stressful with Michele watching.

General things I learned:

  • When I twist my body, it twists her body. Duh.
  • Keep thumbs up. Come on.
  • Shoulders back/lean back.
  • I need to start acting like the boss. When I really tell her what to do….what do you know, she listens.

Test things I learned:

  • Dressage corners have corners.
  • Circles don’t.
  • I need to really focus on straightness when we’re supposed to be going straight. It makes a big difference.
  • I need to pick up my reins after the free walk at the quarter line, and immediately prepare for the trot transition.
  • I need to ask for the canter transition at the quarter line, so that I can get two tries. But her transitions were particularly bad tonight, so maybe it won’t be horrible tomorrow.
I don’t think there were any positive comments at tonight’s lesson, which really sucks. I get the feeling Michele thought we shouldn’t be doing BN tests.
Oh well. We’ll see how it goes. I hope we don’t embarrass her.

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