I’d like to start collecting links and summaries of our shows and accomplishments here, to remind myself of how far we’ve come and what we’ve accomplished. It’s all in the name of self-esteem!

The Story So Far, Part 4: Big Wins
BN CT at Twin Towers
2014 Photo Dump
  • Started lessoning with a new trainer and immediately started progressing in leaps and bounds. Even when the progress slowed down, the fact that there was progress at all was incredible.
  • At our first outing of the year, achieved the same sort of work I expect at home, working through a ton of anxiety (on both of our parts!) to get there.
  • I broke down and put Robbye in training. It turned out to be the best possible thing for out relationship and for my sanity. Robbye comes home a changed mare…and I learned so much.
  • We went to our first show since our overhaul and absolutely stomped. We earned a 70% in T1 for 2nd place out of 8 competitors and a 68.8% in T2 for 1st place out of 10 competitors.



  • Robbye is moved onto full board and we both get much happier. Though we don’t show, our dressage improves in leaps and bounds now that contact and obedience are consistent. We learn lateral movements, walk pirouettes, counter-canter, and other first and second level movements!

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