I think my winter crappiness, while really not that severe this year, is presenting itself in unique and subtle ways. For example, I really have not felt any desire to be creative, despite having goals to journal, plan the wedding, and finish my cosplay.
I’m hoping that by writing a quick catch-up journal, I’ll feel more motivated to keep to my regular blog posts. So, here’s a quick recap of December:
1. Missed a lot of days because of the extreme cold and snow. I don’t ride if it’s under 20 degrees.
2. Didn’t trailer anywhere.
3. Made *some* dressage progress. It’s slowly coming together.
4. I clipped Robbye! She was great – I was okay. It’ll be better next time.
5. I bought a SADDLE! In fact, I didn’t even have to pay for it. When I took it back to the Tack Trunk after I had tried it and wanted to buy it, the cashier mentioned how old the tag was. Knowing that, I decided to offer exactly how much the saddle would need to be in order to make the total plus tax equal to my store credit. And the seller accepted the offer! WOO!!
So that was December. There wasn’t much riding, much less excitement…maybe that’s why I haven’t wanted to journal.

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