2015 Goal Number 1: Creativity and Creation

I take a really long time to come up with my goals.

I’m highly goal-oriented and list-oriented, so writing down goals is a big deal for me. If I write down a goal I can’t achieve or end up disliking, I either have to take it off the list, keep struggling through the goal, or fail at the goal – none of which make me feel very good.

So I spend a long time thinking of what I want to make my goals, in order to minimize the risks of both disappointing myself and spending time on goals I no longer find any value in.

Whiskey, who is definitely related to the content of this post. Definitely.

In 2014, my goals looked like a whole lot of lists. I was planning my wedding, cross-training, working hard for a promotion, and trying to “get serious” with Robbye. This made for a ton of goals, some of which were useful and successful (the promotion, the wedding) and some of which were a huge flop (the eventing season that never happened). The lists worked for last year, but I’m not feeling them for this year.

I want this year to be more carefree and less calculated. I want this year to be two honeymoons and slow but steady riding progress – not a wedding and 20 shows.

So with that completely unnecessary and probably-too-honest explanation out of the way, here’s my plan: I have three goals for this year. It may go down to two at the end of this month. I may add a few specific Robbye goals, but for now I’m looking forward to not having any.

Here is my first goal:

Work on something creative every single day.

In December, when I was making a lot of Christmas presents, I realized how much I had missed being crafty. More than that, I had missed using my brain to create things other than code. I need that moment of creation, apparently.

Why yes, Rhett is also related to my goal!

So this year I’m going to either work on something creative or work on the plans for creating or improving every day. I’m making this vague and broad because I want it to include a lot, including improving my home.

Here are some things I’m looking forward to, and which would count:

  • Writing my journal or other blog posts
  • Crafting
  • Working on something for my home, or researching plans for said projects
  • Creating a gift
  • Designing something, whether it’s for print or digital
  • Sewing
  • Drastically re-organizing an area of my home
  • Taking a creative photo, whether it’s with my DSLR or not

I think I may list these at the bottom of my journal posts. It will give me the accountability and list-factor that keeps me motivated.

Because I have way too many words for such a silly subject, the other two goals will have posts of their own!

6 thoughts on “2015 Goal Number 1: Creativity and Creation

  1. Welp, looks like we’re the same person again. I started a nightly journal, I’m trying out my DSLR, I’m methodically re-organizing my apartment, and I started this blog this year because I needed a creative outlet other than code. Creative coders unite!


    1. Our comments on each other’s blogs are going to get *so* boring. “Oh me too!” “Oh, I agree!” “Oh, I’ve never thought of that before but…me too!” 😀 😀


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