First run through of our Dressage Tests

We worked on flat stuff last night, again. It was a great ride. We started out working on walk > halt transitions, which were 500% better than the night before (progress!). Then we did our normal trot workout, really focusing on pole down.

Next, I wanted to run through our dressage tests for the year, just to see where we are. All three of us (me, Julie, and Kathy) first ran through Intro A (the easiest one) a couple times. Yogi was okay, but very strong. Robbye was okay, but very crooked. Louie was okay, but very confused – he didn’t really know if he was supposed to be trotting, or cantering, or pacing. So overall, okay.

Then, Julie read Robbye and me the Intro C test, which includes canter. Overall, I was very pleased with her – I definitely think we’re going to be able to show 3-gait this year. Her trot > canter transitions are really freakin good. Instead of transitioning around a 1/4 circle, I was aiming for an individual letter and transitioning there.

She also picked up both leads correctly, even without an exaggerated ask. I think we may be over the lead issue for the time being.

Julie had one piece of schooling for me – she thinks I’m sitting in a very huntseat position, which is negatively affecting our dressage. She says that it looks like I’m looking for jumps – I’m not in 2-point, but I’m in a forward seat. So, I tried to ride the test with my hands back and my butt in the saddle. I bet that will help with the pole-down I was trying to work on!

Two things I learned about Rob in our ride last night:
1. She isn’t at the point yet where she can just trot into a dressage test without warming up. After we warmed up, we stood for a good length of time while Julie and Kathy did their tests. This really affected the quality of our test, and especially how she listened to me. Gotta remember that for shows.
2. I think Rob wants to jump! She kept thinking we were headed to obstacles, as we were riding our tests. Makes me happy that she seems to like it so much.

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