Making Progress

Spoiler alert – finally, a happy picture!

Man oh man. It’s been another week. More than a week! Why do I suddenly not want to journal?!

Quick recap of the time I’ve missed:

Last Wednesday we had our lesson. It was great. I felt like I finally had some control over my damn horse! We worked on roundness, and did a lot of the square exercise in the indoor.

Last Thursday was Beggar’s Night, so Rob got a break.

Last Friday Rob got a longe in side reins. She wasn’t on her best behavior, but she was much nicer than a week before!

The leaves at the park were ridiculous!

Saturday our club headed out to a nearby park (Seymore?) for a drama-free trail ride. I was very pleased with Robbye’s behavior. We got stuck on a branch at one point and I fell off, but I landed on her feet and she recovered quickly. Overall a very nice ride with beautiful sights.

Giiiirl, you look good!

Sunday Julie and I headed over to Twin Towers for another cross country school. Rob was great. She did try to run out a couple times, but listened well when I told her no. We jumped a log that looked huge to me (although in the picture it looks small, of course!) and finished with a 5-jump gallop.

Yogi gets his stall window open all the time now. He is so much happier.

Monday Zeke came out to the barn (yay!) and we showed him a little of our new dressage skills (lol). Worked on the square exercise and transitions.

Tuesday I worked on the same thing, but bareback!
Wednesday we had another lesson. Notes from the lesson:
  • I can’t let Robbye shove me off to the side whenever she wants to. I have to be able to sit where I want on the saddle – and that will usually mean scooting my butt to the left.
  • At this point, I have permission to punish Robbye when she willfully contradicts me. I rode with two whips for the lesson!
  • I need to focus on keeping our good connection and headset through transitions.
  • The big new exercise is a transition at every dressage letter. Can be anywhere through stop to trot, including trot to stop and stop to trot. This will keep her engaged and enforce submission.
  • I need to focus on the following things while asking for a halt: sit tall, keep calves and feet back, engage core to stop forward momentum. This is something I want to practice.
Thursday I stripped the stall and didn’t feel like riding afterwards!
Hopefully this weekend will see a little bit of dressage improvement. Tomorrow we’re going on a road ride, but I’d like to work in the ring either before or after. Plus, she gets to give a pony ride!

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