Failed Photo Session

I took Rob out to the dirt ring again last night to try to take some nice photos of her. I’m not sure why I thought this would work – firstly, I couldn’t get her clean (not to mention her winter coat is not the prettiest thing in the world), secondly, she wouldn’t really do anything other than follow me around, and thirdly, she was convinced that I took her out there just so she could eat her fill of treats.

Soooo most of the shots look like this:

But, I did manage to get a couple pretty ones. Her dirty winter coat and the ridiculous mud pretty much ruin them, though. Even the ones I got with the gorgeous sunset beams shining on her are just so….dirty.
Pretty much the only one I’m really happy with.

She also didn’t feel like working on any tricks, but we did do a little bit of heel. She likes to trot at a heel, and her whoa is pretty good too.

Working on heel.

I tried to chase her around and get some of the crazy out of her, but she didn’t feel like it. She’s just not “afraid” of me at all.

“Fine, I’ll trot halfway around the ring. Is this what you wanted, Mom?”

I think we’re going out on a trail ride today – I hope I manage to stay on what I’m sure will be a crazy ride. Tomorrow Yogi, Julie and I are going to a driving clinic (Julie and Yogi are teaching). Less than one week until our move!!

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