Road Ride, Courses, and Simple Changes

Puddy has a cold 😦

After a disappointing start to the month, I think Rob and I are back at it!

Thursday, the day after our out-of-control ride, Julie and I decided to take a road ride (in her case, drive) to try to get the horses (and ourselves) pulled back together. It was a great ride – Yogi was very happy to be back on the roads (he looooves driving on the road. Probably his favorite thing in the world) and Rob was happy to have a lazy trip. We did get a good workout, with lots of long trotting and a couple great stretches of canter, and overall I think it was exactly what we needed.

Friday was Robbye’s day off. Lazy day for me!

Our course for Saturday. Two crossrails, one on the outside and one on the diagonal, and two verticals, one on the outside and one on the diagonal.

Saturday we worked on course-work. And wow, was it a successful ride. Rob was nailing her simple changes and felt completely in control. We added a bit of height as well as some verticals, and she didn’t care a bit. Woo!

I love how all of the colors of her tail come out when it’s braided.

Sunday we had a dressage ride. It wasn’t anything exciting and we didn’t get a whole lot done, but it was okay. She’s definitely starting to understand simple changes, though she does seem to get frustrated with them after about four or so. Also, her trot>walk transitions just aren’t coming along at all. They just don’t seem to be getting better. This may be something I need help with. Ugh.

I seem to have lost my sitting trot, which is really frustrating, since I’ve been working so hard on it. Somehow, it just left me – I just can’t do it anymore! With that in mind, I had planned to have a really tough bareback ride this evening, but then I got to work today and there was a 5:30-7:30 meeting scheduled. So, I guess I’m not going to get a ride in. Ugh.

Cool thing is, next weekend Rob will be making her OF debut! She will be competing in the Future Hunter (18″) class, which includes a warmup class, a flat class, then two courses (for only $52, too. Wow.). I’m nervous, especially since the weather this week threatens our practice time (thunderstorms…), but I don’t think she’ll embarrass me. Hopefully.

This week, I think we need to work on jumping weird things and jumping two jumps on a straight line. I also want to confirm that we’ve been jumping at least 18″, though I’m pretty sure we have been.

With that, we’ll be as ready as I can get us. EEK!

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