Kicking Dressage Butt

Had another amazing dressage school last night. We unintentionally worked in three phases:

  • Transitions. I worked on my position, and made her put a ton of energy into her gaits. Also focused on steering with my seat/legs. Got some bitchin canter!
  • Leg yeilds. Worked on yielding across the diagonal – enforcing steering with seat, as well as the yield/crossover itself. Also asked for some canter transitions at the end of the yields.
  • Stirrup-less. Took away my stirrups and did the same two points above. Basically kicked my own butt. Tried to focus on my lower legs, sitting up (especially through canter transitions), and leaning back/belly button out.

Man, it was a great ride. I hope Michele sees some of it this evening.

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